Meet the Obstacles - Level I



Learning to navigate an obstacle course safely and correctly is a great way to build your dog’s CONFIDENCE and FOCUS and to bond with your dog while you work as a team. Our LEVEL I course introduces you and your dog to a variety of obstacles – tunnel, teeter, jumps, weave poles, ladder, pause table and tire – in a manner that supports your dog’s individual needs as he becomes comfortable. Modified obstacles provide for a low impact experience – perfect for puppies and older dogs. Performing the obstacles perfectly is NOT the goal of this class – watching your dog’s confidence blossom as he discovers his own ability IS. Whatever your training goals may be, this class will provide you with an excellent foundation to build upon while you discover your dog’s potential. PREREQ: Ability to demonstrate a reliable level of basic obedience skill or permission of instructor.

LEVEL II builds on what we learned in MTO I and introduces handling techniques and communication skills to navigate your dog thru single obstacles and sequences.

LEVEL III uses the techniques you’ve learned to navigate sequences of obstacles (indoor/outdoor as weather may permit). 

Session Details:
Cost: $160.00
Length: 5 - 1 hour sessions
Size: up to 5

Upcoming Sessions:
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